International Holiday Calendar

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World Holiday Calendar

This is a calendar of holidays from around the world, organized by date.

Are you someone who loves immersing yourself in different cultures, celebrating diversity, and planning exciting adventures? If so, look no further than this world holiday calendar. This is a convenient platform to explore and plan your activities around significant global events.

Whether you’re a globetrotter, a culture enthusiast, or someone looking to plan their schedule efficiently, an international holiday calendar provides a comprehensive resource to explore and organize travels around holidays worldwide.

2024 Holiday Calendar


Date Holidays
01, January, 2024 AlbaniaNew Year’s Day
AlgeriaNew Year’s Day
American SamoaNew Year’s Day
AndorraNew Year’s Day
AngolaAno novo
ArgentinaNew Year’s Day
ArmeniaNew Year’s Day
ArubaNew Year’s Day
AustraliaNew Year’s Day
AustriaNew Year’s Day
AzerbaijanNew Year’s Day
BahrainNew Year’s Day
BelarusNew Year’s Day
BelizeNew Year’s Day
BoliviaAño Nuevo
Bosnia And HerzegovinaNew Year’s Day
BotswanaNew Year’s Day
BrazilConfraternização Universal
BruneiNew Year’s Day
BulgariaNew Year’s Day
Burkina FasoNew Year’s Day
BurundiNew Year’s Day
CambodiaInternational New Year Day
CameroonNew Year’s Day
CanadaNew Year’s Day
ChadNew Year’s Day
ChileNew Year’s Day
ChinaNew Year’s Day
ColombiaNew Year’s Day
Costa RicaNew Year’s Day
CroatiaNova Godina
CubaLiberation Day
CuracaoNew Year’s Day
CyprusNew Year’s Day
CzechiaDen obnovy samostatného českého státu
DenmarkNew Year’s Day
DjiboutiNouvel an
Dominican RepublicNew Year’s Day
EcuadorNew Year’s Day
EgyptNew Year’s Day - Bank Holiday
El SalvadorNew Year’s Day
EstoniaNew Year’s Day
EswatiniNew Year’s Day
FinlandNew Year’s Day
FranceNew Year’s Day
GabonNew Year’s Day
GeorgiaNew Year’s Day
GermanyNew Year’s Day
GreeceNew Year’s Day
GuamNew Year’s Day
HondurasNew Year’s Day
HongkongThe first day of January
HungaryNew Year’s Day
IcelandNew Year’s Day
IndonesiaTahun Baru Masehi
IrelandNew Year’s Day
Isle Of ManNew Year’s Day
JamaicaNew Year’s Day
JapanNew Year’s Day
KazakhstanNew Year
KenyaNew Year’s Day
KyrgyzstanNew Year’s Day
LatviaNew Year’s Day
LesothoNew Year’s Day
LiechtensteinNew Year’s Day
LithuaniaNew Year’s Day
MadagascarNew Year’s Day
MalawiNew Year’s Day
MaltaL-Ewwel tas-Sena
Marshall IslandsNew Year’s Day
MexicoNew Year’s Day
MoldovaNew Year’s Day
MonacoNew Year’s Day
MontenegroNew Year’s Day
MoroccoNouvel an - Premier janvier
MozambiqueAno novo
NamibiaNew Year’s Day
NetherlandsNew Year’s Day
New ZealandNew Year’s Day
NicaraguaNew Year’s Day
NigeriaNew Year’s Day
North MacedoniaNew Year’s Day
Northern Mariana IslandsNew Year’s Day
NorwayNew Year’s Day
PanamaNew Year’s Day
ParaguayNew Year’s Day
PeruNew Year’s Day
PhilippinesNew Year’s Day
PolandNew Year’s Day
PortugalNew Year’s Day
Puerto RicoNew Year’s Day
RomaniaNew Year’s Day
RussiaNew Year Holidays
San MarinoNew Year’s Day
SerbiaNew Year’s Day
SingaporeNew Year’s Day
SlovakiaDay of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic
Slovenianovo leto
South AfricaNew Year’s Day
South KoreaNew Year’s Day
SpainAño nuevo
SwedenNew Year’s Day
SwitzerlandNew Year’s Day
TaiwanFounding of the Republic of China (New Year’s Day)
ThailandNew Year’s Day
TunisiaNew Year’s Day
TurkeyNew Year’s Day
United Arab EmiratesNew Year’s Day
United KingdomNew Year’s Day
United StatesNew Year’s Day
United States Minor Outlying IslandsNew Year’s Day
United States Virgin IslandsNew Year’s Day
UruguayNew Year’s Day
UzbekistanNew Year
Vatican CitySolemnity of Mary Day
VenezuelaNew Year’s Day
VietnamInternational New Year’s Day
ZambiaNew Year’s Day
ZimbabweNew Year’s Day
02, January, 2024 AlbaniaNew Year’s Day
ArmeniaNew Year’s Day
AzerbaijanNew Year’s Day
BelarusNew Year’s Day
Bosnia And HerzegovinaNew Year’s Day
BotswanaNew Year’s Day Holiday
CubaVictory Day
GeorgiaNew Year’s Day
KazakhstanNew Year
LiechtensteinSaint Berchtold’s Day
MontenegroNew Year’s Day
New ZealandDay after New Year’s Day
RomaniaNew Year’s Day
RussiaNew Year Holidays
SerbiaNew Year’s Day
Slovenianovo leto
ThailandNew Year’s Eve (in lieu)
03, January, 2024 AzerbaijanInternational Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis
Burkina FasoRevolution Day
RussiaNew Year Holidays
04, January, 2024 RussiaNew Year Holidays
05, January, 2024 RussiaNew Year Holidays
06, January, 2024 AndorraEpiphany
ArmeniaChristmas and Epiphany Day
CroatiaSveta tri kralja
Dominican RepublicEpiphany
ItalyEpifania del Signore
MontenegroOrthodox Christmas Eve
Puerto RicoEpiphany
RussiaNew Year Holidays
San MarinoEpiphany
SlovakiaEpiphany (Three Kings’ Day and Orthodox Christmas)
SpainEpifanía del Señor
United States Virgin IslandsThree Kings Day
UruguayChildren’s Day
Vatican CityEpiphany
07, January, 2024 BelarusOrthodox Christmas Day
Bosnia And HerzegovinaOrthodox Christmas
CambodiaDay of Victory over the Genocidal Regime
EgyptCoptic Christmas
EthiopiaOrthodox Christmas Day
GeorgiaOrthodox Christmas Day
KazakhstanOrthodox Christmas
KyrgyzstanChristmas Day
MoldovaChristmas (by old style)
MontenegroOrthodox Christmas
North MacedoniaChristmas Day (Orthodox)
RomaniaSaint John the Baptist
RussiaOrthodox Christmas Day
SerbiaOrthodox Christmas Day
08, January, 2024 ColombiaEpiphany
JapanComing of Age Day
MoldovaChristmas (by old style)
RussiaNew Year Holidays
09, January, 2024 PanamaMartyrs’ Day
11, January, 2024 MoroccoCommémoration de la présentation du manifeste de l’indépendance
12, January, 2024 AlgeriaAmazigh New Year
13, January, 2024 MoroccoNouvel An berbère
14, January, 2024 IndiaMakar Sankranti / Pongal
TunisiaRevolution and Youth Day - January 14
15, January, 2024 American SamoaMartin Luther King Jr. Day
BelizeGeorge Price Day
GuamMartin Luther King Jr. Day
MalawiJohn Chilembwe Day
Northern Mariana IslandsMartin Luther King Jr. Day
Puerto RicoMartin Luther King Jr. Day
United StatesMartin Luther King Jr. Day
United States Minor Outlying IslandsMartin Luther King Jr. Day
United States Virgin IslandsMartin Luther King Jr. Day
19, January, 2024 EthiopiaOrthodox Epiphany Day
GeorgiaEpiphany Day
20, January, 2024 AzerbaijanBlack January
21, January, 2024 Dominican RepublicLady of Altagracia
22, January, 2024 BoliviaNacimiento del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
24, January, 2024 RomaniaUnification of the Romanian Principalities Day
25, January, 2024 ArubaBetico Day
EgyptRevolution Day - January 25
26, January, 2024 AustraliaAustralia Day
IndiaRepublic Day
27, January, 2024 MonacoSaint Devote’s Day
28, January, 2024 ArmeniaArmy Day
29, January, 2024 Dominican RepublicJuan Pablo Duarte Day
02, February, 2024 LiechtensteinCandlemas
03, February, 2024 MozambiqueDia dos Heróis Moçambicanos
04, February, 2024 AngolaDia do Início da Luta Armada
05, February, 2024 BurundiUnity Day
IrelandSt. Brigid’s Day
MexicoConstitution Day
PakistanKashmir Solidarity Day
San MarinoFeast of Saint Agatha
06, February, 2024 New ZealandWaitangi Day
08, February, 2024 BruneiIsra Mi’raj*
DjiboutiIsra wal Miraj*
IndonesiaIsra’ Mi’raj Nabi Muhammad*
SloveniaPrešernov dan
09, February, 2024 South KoreaThe day preceding of Lunar New Year’s Day
TaiwanChinese New Year’s Eve
VietnamVietnamese New Year’s Eve
10, February, 2024 BruneiLunar New Year
ChinaChinese New Year (Spring Festival)
HongkongLunar New Year’s Day
IndonesiaTahun Baru Imlek*
MalaysiaChinese New Year
MaltaIl-Festa tan-Nawfraġju ta’ San Pawl
PhilippinesChinese New Year
SingaporeChinese New Year
South KoreaLunar New Year’s Day
TaiwanSpring Festival
VietnamVietnamese New Year
11, February, 2024 CameroonYouth Day
ChinaChinese New Year (Spring Festival)
JapanFoundation Day
MalaysiaChinese New Year Holiday
SingaporeChinese New Year
South KoreaThe second day of Lunar New Year’s Day
TaiwanSpring Festival
Vatican CityLateran Treaty Day
VietnamThe second day of Tet Holiday
12, February, 2024 AngolaCarnaval (Day off)
ArubaMonday before Ash Wednesday
BoliviaFeriado por Carnaval
CameroonYouth Day
ChinaChinese New Year (Spring Festival)
CuracaoCarnival Monday
HongkongThe third day of Lunar New Year
JapanSubstitute Holiday
MalaysiaChinese New Year Holiday [In lieu]
SingaporeChinese New Year
South KoreaAlternative holiday of Lunar New Year’s Day
TaiwanSpring Festival
UruguayCarnival Day
VenezuelaMonday of Carnival
VietnamThe third day of Tet Holiday
13, February, 2024 AndorraCarnival
BoliviaFeriado por Carnaval
HongkongThe fourth day of Lunar New Year
LiechtensteinShrove Tuesday
UruguayCarnival Day
VenezuelaTuesday of Carnival
VietnamThe forth day of Tet Holiday
14, February, 2024 BrazilInício da Quaresma
JamaicaAsh Wednesday
VietnamThe fifth day of Tet Holiday
15, February, 2024 SerbiaStatehood Day
16, February, 2024 LithuaniaDay of Restoration of the State of Lithuania
SerbiaStatehood Day
19, February, 2024 American SamoaWashington’s Birthday
CanadaFamily Day
GuamWashington’s Birthday
Northern Mariana IslandsWashington’s Birthday
Puerto RicoPresidents’ Day
United StatesWashington’s Birthday
United States Minor Outlying IslandsWashington’s Birthday
United States Virgin IslandsPresidents’ Day
21, February, 2024 BangladeshInternational Mother’s language Day
ZimbabweRobert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day
22, February, 2024 Saudi ArabiaFounding Day Holiday
23, February, 2024 BruneiNational Day
JapanEmperor’s Birthday
KyrgyzstanFatherland Defender’s Day
RussiaFatherland Defender’s Day
24, February, 2024 BruneiNational Day
EstoniaIndependence Day
ThailandMakha Bucha
25, February, 2024 PhilippinesEDSA Revolution Anniversary
26, February, 2024 ThailandMakha Bucha (in lieu)
27, February, 2024 Dominican RepublicIndependence Day
28, February, 2024 TaiwanPeace Memorial Day
01, March, 2024 Marshall IslandsNuclear Victims Remembrance Day
ParaguayPatriots Day
South KoreaIndependence Movement Day
02, March, 2024 EthiopiaAdwa Victory Day
03, March, 2024 BulgariaLiberation Day
GeorgiaMother’s Day
MalawiMartyrs Day
04, March, 2024 GuamGuam Discovery Day
MalawiMartyrs Day
08, March, 2024 AngolaDia Internacional da Mulher
ArmeniaWomen’s Day
AzerbaijanInternational Women’s Day
BelarusWomen’s Day
Burkina FasoInternational Women’s Day
CambodiaInternational Women’s Rights Day
ChadInternational Women’s Day
GeorgiaInternational Women’s ay
KazakhstanInternational Women’s Day
KyrgyzstanInternational Women’s Day
MadagascarWomen’s Day
MoldovaInternational Women’s Day
RussiaInternational Women’s Day
UzbekistanWomen’s Day
ZambiaInternational Women’s Day
09, March, 2024 BelizeNational Heroes and Benefactors Day
11, March, 2024 BruneiFirst Day of Ramadan*
IndonesiaHari Suci Nyepi
LesothoMoshoeshoe’s Day
LithuaniaDay of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania
12, March, 2024 ZambiaYouth Day
13, March, 2024 Vatican CityAnniversary of the Election of the Holy Father
14, March, 2024 AlbaniaSummer Day
AndorraConstitution Day
15, March, 2024 HungaryNational Day
17, March, 2024 BangladeshSheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Birthday and Children’s Day
IrelandSt. Patrick’s Day
18, March, 2024 ArubaNational Anthem and Flag Day
CyprusClean Monday
GreeceClean Monday
IrelandSt. Patrick’s Day
MexicoBenito Juárez’s birthday
19, March, 2024 LiechtensteinSaint Joseph’s Day
MaltaIl-Festa ta’ San Ġużepp
Vatican CitySaint Joseph’s Day
20, March, 2024 AzerbaijanNovruz
JapanVernal Equinox Day
TunisiaIndependence Day
21, March, 2024 AzerbaijanNovruz
KazakhstanNauryz holiday
KyrgyzstanNooruz Mairamy
NamibiaIndependence Day
South AfricaHuman Rights Day
22, March, 2024 AlbaniaNevruz
KazakhstanNauryz holiday
Puerto RicoEmancipation Day
23, March, 2024 AngolaDia da Libertação da África Austral
IsraelPurim - Eve
KazakhstanNauryz holiday
PakistanPakistan Day
24, March, 2024 ArgentinaMemory’s National Day for the Truth and Justice
IndiaPalm Sunday
Northern Mariana IslandsCommonwealth Covenant Day
25, March, 2024 AzerbaijanNovruz
ColombiaSaint Joseph’s Day
CyprusGreek Independence Day
GreeceIndependence Day
IsraelShushan Purim
KazakhstanNauryz holiday
Northern Mariana IslandsCommonwealth Covenant Day
San MarinoAnniversary of the Arengo
26, March, 2024 AzerbaijanNovruz
BangladeshIndependence Day
27, March, 2024 BruneiAnniversary of the revelation of the Quran*
28, March, 2024 ColombiaMaundy Thursday
Costa RicaMaundy Thursday
DenmarkMaundy Thursday
El SalvadorMaundy Thursday
HondurasMaundy Thursday
IcelandMaundy Thursday
NicaraguaMaundy Thursday
NorwayMaundy Thursday
ParaguayMaundy Thursday
PeruMaundy Thursday
PhilippinesMaundy Thursday
SpainJueves Santo
United States Virgin IslandsHoly Thursday
UruguayMaundy Thursday
VenezuelaMaundy Thursday
29, March, 2024 AndorraGood Friday
AngolaSexta-feira Santa
ArgentinaGood Friday
ArubaGood Friday
AustraliaGood Friday
BelizeGood Friday
BoliviaViernes Santo
BotswanaGood Friday
BrazilSexta-feira Santa
CameroonGood Friday
CanadaGood Friday
ChileGood Friday
ColombiaGood Friday
Costa RicaGood Friday
CubaGood Friday
CuracaoGood Friday
CzechiaVelký pátek
DenmarkGood Friday
Dominican RepublicGood Friday
EcuadorGood Friday
El SalvadorGood Friday
EstoniaGood Friday
EswatiniGood Friday
FinlandGood Friday
GermanyGood Friday
GuamGood Friday
HondurasGood Friday
HongkongGood Friday
HungaryGood Friday
IcelandGood Friday
IndiaGood Friday
IndonesiaWafat Yesus Kristus
Isle Of ManGood Friday
JamaicaGood Friday
KenyaGood Friday
LatviaGood Friday
LesothoGood Friday
LiechtensteinGood Friday
MadagascarMartyrs’ Day
MalawiGood Friday
MaltaIl-Ġimgħa l-Kbira
Marshall IslandsGood Friday
MozambiqueSexta-feira Santa
NamibiaGood Friday
NetherlandsGood Friday
New ZealandGood Friday
NicaraguaGood Friday
NigeriaGood Friday
Northern Mariana IslandsGood Friday
NorwayGood Friday
PanamaGood Friday
ParaguayGood Friday
PeruGood Friday
PhilippinesGood Friday
PortugalGood Friday
Puerto RicoGood Friday
SingaporeGood Friday
SlovakiaGood Friday
South AfricaGood Friday
SpainViernes Santo
SwedenGood Friday
United KingdomGood Friday
United States Virgin IslandsGood Friday
UruguayGood Friday
VenezuelaGood Friday
ZambiaGood Friday
ZimbabweGood Friday
30, March, 2024 BelizeHoly Saturday
BotswanaHoly Saturday
ChileHoly Saturday
El SalvadorHoly Saturday
HondurasHoly Saturday
HongkongThe day following Good Friday
PhilippinesBlack Saturday
ZambiaHoly Saturday
ZimbabweEaster Saturday
31, March, 2024 AlbaniaCatholic Easter
CuracaoEaster Sunday
DenmarkEaster Sunday
EstoniaEaster Sunday
FinlandEaster Sunday
IcelandEaster Sunday
IndiaEaster Sunday
ItalyPasqua di Resurrezione
LiechtensteinEaster Sunday
MadagascarEaster Sunday
MaltaJum il-Ħelsien
NetherlandsEaster Sunday
NorwayEaster Sunday
ParaguayEaster Day
PeruEaster Sunday
PolandEaster Sunday
PortugalEaster Sunday
San MarinoEaster Sunday
SwedenEaster Sunday; Sunday
SwitzerlandEaster Sunday
United States Virgin IslandsTransfer Day
UruguayEaster Day
Vatican CityEaster Sunday
01, April, 2024 AlbaniaCatholic Easter
AndorraEaster Monday
ArubaEaster Monday
AustraliaEaster Monday
AustriaEaster Monday
BelizeEaster Monday
Bosnia And HerzegovinaCatholic Easter Monday
BotswanaEaster Monday
Burkina FasoEaster Monday
CanadaEaster Monday
ChadEaster Monday
CroatiaUskrsni ponedjeljak
CuracaoEaster Monday
CyprusCyprus National Day
CzechiaVelikonoční pondělí
DenmarkEaster Monday
EswatiniEaster Monday
FinlandEaster Monday
FranceEaster Monday
GabonEaster Monday
GermanyEaster Monday
HongkongEaster Monday
HungaryEaster Monday
IcelandEaster Monday
IrelandEaster Monday
Isle Of ManEaster Monday
ItalyLunedì dell’Angelo
JamaicaEaster Monday
KenyaEaster Monday
LatviaEaster Monday
LesothoEaster Monday
LiechtensteinEaster Monday
LithuaniaEaster Monday
MadagascarEaster Monday
MalawiEaster Monday
MonacoEaster Monday
NamibiaEaster Monday
NetherlandsEaster Monday
New ZealandEaster Monday
NigeriaEaster Monday
NorwayEaster Monday
PolandEaster Monday
San MarinoEaster Monday
SlovakiaEaster Monday
SloveniaVelikonočni ponedeljek
South AfricaFamily Day
SwedenEaster Monday
United States Virgin IslandsEaster Monday
Vatican CityEaster Monday
ZambiaEaster Monday
ZimbabweEaster Monday
02, April, 2024 ArgentinaVeterans Day and the Fallen in the Malvinas War
04, April, 2024 AngolaDia da Paz e Reconciliação
ChinaTomb-Sweeping Day
HongkongChing Ming Festival
TaiwanChildren’s Day
05, April, 2024 AngolaDia da Paz e Reconciliação (Day off)
06, April, 2024 BurundiPresident Ntaryamira Day
ThailandChakri Memorial Day
07, April, 2024 KyrgyzstanDay of the People’s April Revolution
MozambiqueDia da Mulher Moçambicana
08, April, 2024 MozambiqueDia da Mulher Moçambicana (PONTE)
ThailandChakri Memorial Day (in lieu)
09, April, 2024 GeorgiaNational Unity Day
PhilippinesDay of Valor
TunisiaMartyrs’ Day
10, April, 2024 AlbaniaEid al-Fitr*
AlgeriaEid al-Fitr*
AzerbaijanRamazan Bayrami*
BahrainEid Al Fitr*
Bosnia And HerzegovinaEid al-Fitr*
BruneiEid al-Fitr*
Burkina FasoEid al-Fitr*
BurundiEid ul Fitr*
CameroonEid al-Fitr*
ChadEid al-Fitr*
DjiboutiEid al-Fitr*
EgyptEid al-Fitr*
EthiopiaEid al-Fitr*
GabonEid al-Fitr*
IndiaEid ul-Fitr*
IndonesiaHari Raya Idul Fitri*
KyrgyzstanOrozo Ait*
MalaysiaHari Raya Puasa*
MoroccoEid al-Fitr*
North MacedoniaEid al-Fitr*
PhilippinesEid’l Fitr*
Saudi ArabiaEid al-Fitr Holiday*
SingaporeHari Raya Puasa*
TunisiaEid al-Fitr*
TurkeyRamadan Feast*
United Arab EmiratesEid al-Fitr*
UzbekistanRamadan Khait*
11, April, 2024 AlgeriaEid al-Fitr Holiday*
AzerbaijanRamazan Bayrami*
BahrainEid Al Fitr Holiday*
BruneiEid al-Fitr*
DjiboutiEid al-Fitr deuxième jour*
EgyptEid al-Fitr Holiday*
IndiaEid ul-Fitr*
IndonesiaHari kedua dari Hari Raya Idul Fitri*
KyrgyzstanOrozo Ait*
MalaysiaSecond day of Hari Raya Puasa*
MoroccoEid al-Fitr*
NigeriaEid-el-Fitr Holiday*
Saudi ArabiaEid al-Fitr Holiday*
TunisiaEid al-Fitr Holiday*
TurkeyRamadan Feast Holiday*
United Arab EmiratesEid al-Fitr Holiday*
12, April, 2024 AlgeriaEid al-Fitr Holiday*
BahrainEid Al Fitr Holiday*
BruneiEid al-Fitr*
EgyptEid al-Fitr Holiday*
Saudi ArabiaEid al-Fitr Holiday*
TunisiaEid al-Fitr Holiday*
TurkeyRamadan Feast Holiday*
United Arab EmiratesEid al-Fitr Holiday*
13, April, 2024 BruneiEid al-Fitr*
CambodiaKhmer New Year’s Day
Saudi ArabiaEid al-Fitr Holiday*
ThailandSongkran Festival
14, April, 2024 BangladeshBengali New Year’s Day
CambodiaKhmer New Year’s Day
HondurasPanamerican Day
Saudi ArabiaEid al-Fitr Holiday
ThailandSongkran Festival
15, April, 2024 CambodiaKhmer New Year’s Day
Costa RicaJuan Santamaría Day
Saudi ArabiaEid al-Fitr Holiday
ThailandSongkran Festival
16, April, 2024 Thailandวันสงกรานต์ (in lieu)
17, April, 2024 GabonWomen’s Rights Day
18, April, 2024 VietnamHung Kings Commemoration Day
ZimbabweIndependence Day
19, April, 2024 EswatiniKing’s Birthday
VenezuelaDeclaration of Independence
21, April, 2024 BrazilTiradentes
22, April, 2024 IsraelPassover I - Eve
UruguayLanding of the 33 Patriots
23, April, 2024 IsraelPassover I
TurkeyNational Sovereignty and Children’s Day
Vatican CitySaint George’s Day
24, April, 2024 ArmeniaGenocide Memorial Day
IsraelPassover - Chol HaMoed
25, April, 2024 AustraliaAnzac Day
EgyptSinai Liberation Day
EswatiniNational Flag Day
IcelandFirst Day of Summer
IsraelPassover - Chol HaMoed
ItalyFesta della Liberazione
New ZealandAnzac Day
PortugalFreedom Day
26, April, 2024 IsraelPassover - Chol HaMoed
27, April, 2024 ArubaKing’s Day
CuracaoKing’s Day
IsraelPassover - Chol HaMoed
NetherlandsKing’s Day
Sloveniadan upora proti okupatorju
South AfricaFreedom Day
28, April, 2024 IsraelPassover VII - Eve
ZambiaKenneth Kaunda Day
29, April, 2024 Dominican RepublicLabor Day
IsraelPassover VII
JapanShowa Day
ZambiaKenneth Kaunda Day
30, April, 2024 VietnamLiberation Day/Reunification Day
01, May, 2024 AlbaniaMay Day
AlgeriaLabour Day
AndorraLabor Day
AngolaDia Mundial do Trabalho
ArgentinaLabor Day
ArmeniaLabor day
ArubaLabor Day
AustriaLabor Day
BahrainLabour Day
BangladeshMay Day
BelarusLabor Day
BelgiumDag van de Arbeid
BelizeLabour Day
BoliviaDía del trabajo
Bosnia And HerzegovinaLabor Day
BotswanaLabour Day
BrazilDia do Trabalhador
BulgariaLabour Day and International Workers’ Solidarity Day
Burkina FasoLabour Day
BurundiLabour Day
CambodiaInternational Labor Day
CameroonLabour Day
ChadLabour Day
ChileLabour Day
ChinaLabour Day
ColombiaLabour Day
Costa RicaInternational Workers’ Day
CroatiaMeđunarodni praznik rada
CubaLabour Day
CuracaoLabor Day
CyprusLabor Day
CzechiaSvátek práce
DjiboutiFête du travail
EcuadorLabour Day
EgyptLabour Day
El SalvadorLabor Day
EstoniaSpring Day
EswatiniWorker’s Day
EthiopiaLabor Day
FinlandMay Day
FranceLabor Day
GabonLabour Day
GermanyLabor Day
GreeceLabor Day
HondurasLabor Day
HongkongLabour Day
HungaryLabor Day
IcelandLabor Day
IndiaLabour Day
IndonesiaHari Buruh Internasional
ItalyFesta dei Lavoratori
KazakhstanKazakhstan People Solidarity Holiday
KenyaLabour Day
KyrgyzstanInternational Workers’ Day
LatviaLabor Day
LesothoWorkers’ Day
LiechtensteinLabor Day
LithuaniaInternational Workers’ Day
LuxembourgDag vun der Aarbecht
MadagascarLabor Day
MalawiLabour Day
MalaysiaLabour Day
MaltaJum il-Ħaddiem
Marshall IslandsConstitution Day
MexicoLabour Day
MoldovaInternational Workers’ Solidarity Day
MonacoLabour Day
MontenegroLabour Day
MoroccoFête du Travail
MozambiqueDia Mundial do Trabalho
NamibiaWorkers’ Day
NicaraguaLabor Day
NigeriaWorkers’ Day
North MacedoniaLabour Day
NorwayLabor Day
PakistanLabour Day
PanamaLabour Day
ParaguayLabour Day
PeruLabour Day
PhilippinesLabour Day
PolandNational Day
PortugalLabour Day
RomaniaLabour Day
RussiaHoliday of Spring and Labor
San MarinoLabour Day
SerbiaInternational Workers’ Day
SingaporeLabour Day
SlovakiaLabor Day
Sloveniapraznik dela
South AfricaWorkers’ Day
South KoreaLabour Day
SpainDía del Trabajador
SwedenMay Day
ThailandNational Labour Day
TunisiaLabour Day
TurkeyLabour Day
UruguayInternational Workers’ Day
Vatican CitySaint Joseph the Worker’s Day
VenezuelaInternational Worker’s Day
VietnamInternational Labor Day
ZambiaLabour Day
ZimbabweWorkers’ Day
02, May, 2024 Bosnia And HerzegovinaLabor Day
MontenegroLabour Day
SerbiaInternational Workers’ Day
Sloveniapraznik dela
03, May, 2024 Bosnia And HerzegovinaOrthodox Good Friday
BulgariaOrthodox Good Friday
CyprusGood Friday
EcuadorLabour Day
EthiopiaOrthodox Good Friday
GeorgiaOrthodox Good Friday
GreeceGood Friday
JapanConstitution Day
MontenegroOrthodox Good Friday
PolandNational Day of the Third of May
SerbiaGood Friday
04, May, 2024 BulgariaOrthodox Easter Saturday
GeorgiaOrthodox Holy Saturday
JapanGreenery Day
LatviaRestoration of Independence Day
NamibiaCassinga Day
SerbiaEaster Saturday
ThailandCoronation Day
05, May, 2024 AlbaniaOrthodox Easter
BulgariaOrthodox Easter
CyprusEaster Sunday
EgyptCoptic Easter Sunday
EthiopiaOrthodox Easter Sunday; Patriots Day
GeorgiaOrthodox Easter Sunday
JapanChildren’s Day
KyrgyzstanConstitution Day
LithuaniaMother’s Day
MontenegroOrthodox Easter Sunday
SerbiaEaster Sunday
South KoreaChildren’s Day
06, May, 2024 AlbaniaOrthodox Easter
BulgariaOrthodox Easter; St. George’s Day (Day of the Bulgarian Army)
CyprusEaster Monday
EgyptSham El Nessim
GeorgiaOrthodox Easter Monday
GreeceEaster Monday
IrelandMay Day
Isle Of ManMay Day
JapanSubstitute Holiday
LatviaRestoration of Independence Day
MontenegroOrthodox Easter Monday
North MacedoniaEaster Monday (Orthodox)
SerbiaEaster Monday
South KoreaAlternative holiday of Children’s Day
ThailandCoronation Day (in lieu)
United KingdomMay Day
07, May, 2024 KazakhstanDefender of the Fatherland Day
08, May, 2024 CzechiaDen vítězství
FranceVictory Day
SlovakiaDay of Victory over Fascism
09, May, 2024 ArmeniaVictory and Peace Day
ArubaAscension Day
AustriaAscension Day
AzerbaijanVictory Day over Fascism
BelarusVictory Day
BelgiumO.L.H. Hemelvaart
BotswanaAscension Day
Burkina FasoAscension Day
BurundiAscension Day
CameroonAscension Day
CuracaoAscension Day
DenmarkAscension Day
EswatiniAscension Day
FinlandAscension Day
FranceAscension Day
GabonAscension Day
GeorgiaDay of Victory over Fascism
GermanyAscension Day
IcelandAscension Day
IndonesiaKenaikan Yesus Kristus
KazakhstanVictory Day
KyrgyzstanVictory Day
LesothoAscension Day
LiechtensteinAscension Day
LuxembourgChristi Himmelfaart; Europadag
MadagascarAscension Day
MoldovaEurope Day; Victory Day and Commemoration of the heroes fallen for Independence of Fatherland
MonacoAscension’s Day
NamibiaAscension Day
NetherlandsAscension Day
NorwayAscension Day
RussiaVictory Day
SwedenAscension Day
SwitzerlandAscension Day
UzbekistanMemorial Day
10, May, 2024 El SalvadorMothers’ Day
12, May, 2024 GeorgiaSt. Andrew’s Day
LatviaMother’s Day
13, May, 2024 ColombiaAscension of Jesus
IsraelMemorial Day
MoldovaDay of Rejoicing
14, May, 2024 BelarusRadunitsa
CambodiaHM King Norodom Sihamoni’s Birthday
IsraelIndependence Day
MalawiKamuzu Day
ParaguayIndependence Day
15, May, 2024 HongkongThe Birthday of the Buddha
ParaguayIndependence Day
South KoreaBirthday of the Buddha
17, May, 2024 NorwayConstitution Day
18, May, 2024 UruguayBattle of Las Piedras
19, May, 2024 BelgiumPinksteren
DenmarkWhit Sunday
EstoniaWhit Sunday
FinlandWhit Sunday
HungaryWhit Sunday
IcelandWhit Sunday
IndiaFeast of Pentecost
LiechtensteinWhit Sunday
MadagascarWhit Sunday
NetherlandsWhit Sunday
NorwayWhit Sunday
SwedenSunday; Whit Sunday
SwitzerlandWhit Sunday
TurkeyCommemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day
20, May, 2024 AndorraWhit Monday
AustriaWhit Monday
CameroonNational Day
CanadaVictoria Day
DenmarkWhit Monday
FranceWhit Monday
GabonWhit Monday
GermanyWhit Monday
HungaryWhit Monday
IcelandWhit Monday
LiechtensteinWhit Monday
MadagascarWhit Monday
MonacoWhit Monday
NetherlandsWhit Monday
NorwayWhit Monday
21, May, 2024 ChileNavy Day
MontenegroIndependence Day
22, May, 2024 CambodiaVisaka Bochea Day
IndonesiaHari Raya Waisak*
MalaysiaVesak Day
MontenegroIndependence Day
SingaporeVesak Day
ThailandVisakha Bucha
23, May, 2024 JamaicaNational Labour Day
24, May, 2024 BulgariaDay of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture
EcuadorThe Battle of Pichincha
North MacedoniaSaints Cyril and Methodius Day
25, May, 2024 ArgentinaMay Revolution Day
LesothoAfrica/Heroes Day
NamibiaAfrica Day
ZambiaAfrica Freedom Day
ZimbabweAfrica Day
26, May, 2024 CambodiaRoyal Ploughing Ceremony
GeorgiaIndependence Day
IsraelLag B’Omer
MadagascarMother’s Day
27, May, 2024 American SamoaMemorial Day
GuamMemorial Day
Isle Of ManSpring Bank Holiday
Northern Mariana IslandsMemorial Day
Puerto RicoMemorial Day
United KingdomSpring Bank Holiday
United StatesMemorial Day
United States Minor Outlying IslandsMemorial Day
United States Virgin IslandsMemorial Day
28, May, 2024 ArmeniaRepublic Day
AzerbaijanIndependence Day
EthiopiaDownfall of Dergue Regime Day
30, May, 2024 AustriaCorpus Christi
BoliviaCorpus Christi
BrazilCorpus Christi
CroatiaDan državnosti; Tijelovo
Dominican RepublicFeast of Corpus Christi
LiechtensteinCorpus Christi
MonacoCorpus Christi
PolandCorpus Christi
PortugalCorpus Christi
San MarinoCorpus Cristi
31, May, 2024 BruneiArmed Forces Day
01, June, 2024 BruneiArmed Forces Day
IndonesiaHari Lahir Pancasila
KenyaMadaraka Day
MoldovaInternational Children’s Day
RomaniaChildren’s Day
02, June, 2024 ItalyFesta della Repubblica
LithuaniaFather’s Day
03, June, 2024 ColombiaCorpus Christi
IrelandJune Bank Holiday
MalaysiaBirthday of SPB Yang di-Pertuan Agong
New ZealandKing’s Birthday
ThailandHM Queen Suthida’s Birthday
06, June, 2024 South KoreaMemorial Day
SwedenNational Day of Sweden
07, June, 2024 Isle Of ManTT Bank Holiday
MaltaSette Giugno
08, June, 2024 BurundiPresident Nkurunziza Day
10, June, 2024 ChinaDragon Boat Festival
ColombiaSacred Heart
HongkongTuen Ng Festival
PortugalDay of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities
TaiwanDragon Boat Festival
11, June, 2024 IsraelShavuot - Eve
12, June, 2024 IsraelShavuot
NigeriaDemocracy Day
ParaguayChaco Armistice Day
PhilippinesIndependence Day
RussiaRussia’s Day
15, June, 2024 AzerbaijanNational Salvation Day
EgyptArafat Day*
Saudi ArabiaArafat Day Holiday*
TunisiaArafat Day*
United Arab EmiratesArafat (Hajj) Day*
16, June, 2024 AlbaniaEid al-Adha*
AlgeriaEid al-Adha*
AzerbaijanGurban Bayrami*
BahrainEid Al Adha*
Bosnia And HerzegovinaEid al-Adha*
BruneiEid al-Adha*
Burkina FasoEid al-Adha*
BurundiEid al Adha*
CameroonEid al-Adha*
ChadEid al-Adha*
DjiboutiEid al-Adha*
EgyptEid al-Adha*
EthiopiaEid al-Adha*
GabonEid al-Adha*
IndiaEid al-Adha*
IndonesiaHari Raya Idul Adha*
KazakhstanKurban Ait*
KyrgyzstanKurman Ait*
MadagascarFather’s Day
MalaysiaHari Raya Haji*
MoroccoEid al-Adha*
PhilippinesEid’l Adha*
Saudi ArabiaEid al-Adha Holiday*
SingaporeHari Raya Haji*
South AfricaYouth Day
TunisiaEid al-Adha*
TurkeySacrifice Feast*
United Arab EmiratesEid al-Adha*
UzbekistanKurban Khait*
17, June, 2024 AlbaniaEid al-Adha*
AlgeriaEid al-Adha Holiday*
ArgentinaPass to the Immortality of General Don Martín Miguel de Güemes
AzerbaijanGurban Bayrami*
BahrainEid Al Adha Holiday*
BruneiEid al-Adha*
BurundiEid al Adha*
CameroonEid al-Adha*
DjiboutiEid al-Adha deuxième jour*
EgyptEid al-Adha Holiday*
El SalvadorFathers’ Day
EthiopiaEid al-Adha*
IcelandNational Day
IndiaEid al-Adha*
MalaysiaHari Raya Haji* [In lieu]
MoroccoEid al-Adha*
NigeriaEid-el-Kabir Holiday*
Saudi ArabiaEid al-Adha Holiday*
SingaporeHari Raya Haji*
South AfricaYouth Day
TunisiaEid al-Adha Holiday*
TurkeySacrifice Feast Holiday*
United Arab EmiratesEid al-Adha Holiday*
18, June, 2024 AlgeriaEid al-Adha Holiday*
AzerbaijanNational Salvation Day
BahrainEid Al Adha Holiday*
CambodiaHM Queen Norodom Monineath Sihanouk the Queen-Mother’s Birthday
EgyptEid al-Adha Holiday*
Saudi ArabiaEid al-Adha Holiday*
TunisiaEid al-Adha Holiday*
TurkeySacrifice Feast Holiday*
United Arab EmiratesEid al-Adha Holiday*
19, June, 2024 American SamoaJuneteenth National Independence Day
AzerbaijanGurban Bayrami*
GuamJuneteenth National Independence Day
Northern Mariana IslandsJuneteenth National Independence Day
Puerto RicoJuneteenth National Independence Day
Saudi ArabiaEid al-Adha Holiday
TurkeySacrifice Feast Holiday*
United StatesJuneteenth National Independence Day
United States Minor Outlying IslandsJuneteenth National Independence Day
United States Virgin IslandsJuneteenth National Independence Day
UruguayBirthday of José Gervasio Artigas
20, June, 2024 ArgentinaPass to the Immortality of General Don Manuel Belgrano
ChileNational Day of Indigenous Peoples
21, June, 2024 BoliviaAño Nuevo Andino
FinlandMidsummer Eve
SwedenMidsummer Eve
22, June, 2024 CroatiaDan antifašističke borbe
FinlandMidsummer Day
SwedenMidsummer Day
23, June, 2024 EstoniaVictory Day
LatviaMidsummer Eve
24, June, 2024 CyprusMonday of the Holy Spirit
EstoniaMidsummer Day
GreeceEaster Monday
LatviaMidsummer Day
LithuaniaDay of Dew and Saint John
VenezuelaBattle of Carabobo
25, June, 2024 MozambiqueDia da Independência Nacional
Sloveniadan državnosti
26, June, 2024 AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Armed Forces Day
MadagascarIndependence Day
27, June, 2024 DjiboutiFête de l’indépendance
28, June, 2024 DjiboutiFête de l’indépendance
New ZealandMatariki
29, June, 2024 ChileSaint Peter and Saint Paul
MaltaIl-Festa ta’ San Pietru u San Pawl
PeruSaint Peter and Saint Paul
Vatican CitySaint Peter and Saint Paul’s Day
30, June, 2024 Egypt30 June Revolution Day
01, July, 2024 BotswanaSir Seretse Khama Day
BurundiIndependence Day
CanadaCanada Day
ColombiaSaint Peter and Saint Paul
HongkongHong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
ZambiaHeroes’ Day
02, July, 2024 CuracaoNational Anthem and Flag Day
ZambiaUnity Day
03, July, 2024 BelarusIndependence Day (Republic Day)
United States Virgin IslandsEmancipation Day
04, July, 2024 American SamoaIndependence Day
GuamIndependence Day
Northern Mariana IslandsIndependence Day
Puerto RicoIndependence Day
United StatesIndependence Day
United States Minor Outlying IslandsIndependence Day
United States Virgin IslandsIndependence Day
05, July, 2024 AlgeriaIndependence Day
ArmeniaConstitution Day
CzechiaDen slovanských věrozvěstů Cyrila a Metoděje
Isle Of ManTynwald Day
Marshall IslandsFisherman’s Day
SlovakiaSt. Cyril and Methodius Day
VenezuelaIndependence Day
06, July, 2024 CzechiaDen upálení mistra Jana Husa
KazakhstanCapital Day
LithuaniaStatehood Day
MalawiIndependence Day
07, July, 2024 AlgeriaIslamic New Year*
BahrainAl Hijra New Year*
BruneiIslamic New Year*
DjiboutiNouvel an musulman*
EgyptIslamic New Year*
IndonesiaTahun Baru Islam*
MalaysiaAwal Muharram (Hijri New Year)*
Morocco1er Moharram*
TunisiaIslamic New Year*
United Arab EmiratesAl Hijra - Islamic New Year*
08, July, 2024 BruneiIslamic New Year*
KazakhstanCapital Day
MalawiIndependence Day
09, July, 2024 ArgentinaIndependence Day
13, July, 2024 MontenegroStatehood Day
14, July, 2024 FranceNational Day
MontenegroStatehood Day
15, July, 2024 BahrainAshura Holiday*
BotswanaPresident’s Day
BruneiSultan Hassanal Bolkiah’s Birthday
JapanMarine Day
MontenegroStatehood Day
TurkeyDemocracy and National Unity Day
16, July, 2024 AlgeriaAshura Day*
BotswanaPresident’s Day Holiday
ChileOur Lady of Mount Carmel
IndiaDay of Ashura*
17, July, 2024 LesothoKing’s Birthday
18, July, 2024 UruguayConstitution Day
19, July, 2024 NicaraguaRevolution Day
20, July, 2024 ColombiaIndependence Day
ThailandAsarnha Bucha
21, July, 2024 BelgiumNationale feestdag
GuamLiberation Day (Guam)
ThailandBuddhist Lent Day
22, July, 2024 EswatiniBirthday of Late King Sobhuza
ThailandAsarnha Bucha (in lieu)
23, July, 2024 EgyptRevolution Day
24, July, 2024 VenezuelaBirthday of Simon Bolivar
25, July, 2024 CubaCommemoration of the Assault of the Moncada garrison
Puerto RicoConstitution Day
TunisiaRepublic Day
26, July, 2024 CubaDay of the National Rebellion
27, July, 2024 CubaCommemoration of the Assault of the Moncada garrison
28, July, 2024 PeruIndependence Day
San MarinoLiberation from Fascism Day
ThailandHM King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s Birthday
29, July, 2024 BelizeEmancipation Day
Costa RicaAnnexation of the Party of Nicoya to Costa Rica
PeruGreat Military Parade Day
ThailandHM King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s Birthday (in lieu)
30, July, 2024 MoroccoFête du Trône
01, August, 2024 JamaicaEmancipation Day
NicaraguaDescent of Saint Dominic
SwitzerlandNational Day
02, August, 2024 Costa RicaFeast of Our Lady of the Angels
North MacedoniaRepublic Day
05, August, 2024 Burkina FasoIndependence Day
CanadaCivic Holiday
CroatiaDan pobjede i domovinske zahvalnosti
IcelandCommerce Day
IrelandAugust Bank Holiday
ZambiaFarmers’ Day
06, August, 2024 BoliviaDía de la Patria
El SalvadorFeast of San Salvador
JamaicaIndependence Day
PeruBattle of Junín Day
07, August, 2024 ColombiaBattle of Boyacá
09, August, 2024 EcuadorDeclaration of Independence of Quito
SingaporeNational Day
South AfricaNational Women’s Day
10, August, 2024 EcuadorDeclaration of Independence of Quito
NicaraguaAscent of Saint Dominic
11, August, 2024 ChadIndependence Day
JapanMountain Day
12, August, 2024 ChadIndependence Day
JapanSubstitute Holiday
ThailandHM Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother’s Birthday; National Mother’s Day
ZimbabweZimbabwe Heroes’ Day
13, August, 2024 TunisiaWomen’s Day
ZimbabweDefense Forces Day
14, August, 2024 MoroccoJournée de Oued Ed-Dahab
PakistanIndependence Day
15, August, 2024 AndorraAssumption Day
AustriaAssumption Day
BangladeshNational Mourning Day
BelgiumO.L.V. Hemelvaart
Burkina FasoAssumption Day
BurundiAssumption Day
CameroonAssumption Day
ChileAssumption of Mary
CroatiaVelika Gospa
CyprusAssumption of Mary
FranceAssumption Day
GabonAssumption Day
GreeceAssumption of Mary Day
IndiaIndependence Day
ItalyAssunzione della Vergine
LiechtensteinNational Day
LithuaniaAssumption Day
MadagascarAssumption Day
MaltaIl-Festa ta’ Santa Marija
MonacoAssumption’s Day
ParaguayAsuncion Foundation’s Day
PolandAssumption of the Virgin Mary
PortugalAssumption Day
RomaniaDormition of the Mother of God
San MarinoAssumption Day
SloveniaMarijino vnebovzetje
South KoreaLiberation Day
SpainAsunción de la Virgen
Vatican CityAssumption Day
16, August, 2024 GabonIndependence Day
17, August, 2024 ArgentinaPass to the Immortality of General Don José de San Martin
GabonIndependence Day Holiday
IndonesiaHari Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia
19, August, 2024 ColombiaAssumption of Mary
Costa RicaMother’s Day
Dominican RepublicRestoration Day
HungaryDay off before State Foundation Day
20, August, 2024 EstoniaIndependence Restoration Day
HungaryState Foundation Day
MoroccoCommémoration de la révolution du Roi et du peuple
21, August, 2024 MoroccoFête de la jeunesse
PhilippinesNinoy Aquino Day
25, August, 2024 UruguayIndependence Day
26, August, 2024 Isle Of ManLate Summer Bank Holiday
NamibiaHeroes’ Day
PhilippinesNational Heroes Day
27, August, 2024 MoldovaRepublic of Moldova Independence Day
28, August, 2024 GeorgiaSaint Mary’s Day
29, August, 2024 SlovakiaSlovak National Uprising Anniversary
30, August, 2024 KazakhstanConstitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan
PeruRose of Lima Day
TurkeyVictory Day
31, August, 2024 Costa RicaDay of the Black Person and Afro-Costa Rican Culture
KyrgyzstanIndependence Day
MalaysiaNational Day
MoldovaNational Language Day
01, September, 2024 SlovakiaConstitution Day
UzbekistanIndependence Day
02, September, 2024 American SamoaLabor Day
CanadaLabour Day
GuamLabor Day
Northern Mariana IslandsLabor Day
Puerto RicoLabor Day
United StatesLabor Day
United States Minor Outlying IslandsLabor Day
United States Virgin IslandsLabor Day
VietnamIndependence Day
03, September, 2024 San MarinoFoundation Day
05, September, 2024 AlbaniaMother Teresa Canonization Day
06, September, 2024 BulgariaUnification Day
EswatiniIndependence Day
Marshall IslandsDri-jerbal Day
07, September, 2024 BrazilIndependência do Brasil
MozambiqueDia da Vitória
08, September, 2024 AndorraNational Day
LiechtensteinNativity of Mary
MaltaJum il-Vitorja
North MacedoniaIndependence Day
Vatican CityNativity of Mary Day
10, September, 2024 BelizeSaint George’s Caye Day
NamibiaDay of the Namibian Women and International Human Rights Day
11, September, 2024 EthiopiaEthiopian New Year’s Day
14, September, 2024 NicaraguaBattle of San Jacinto Day
15, September, 2024 AlgeriaProphet’s Birthday*
BahrainProphets Birthday*
BruneiBirth of the Prophet*
Burkina FasoMawlid*
DjiboutiNaissance du prophet Muhammad*
EgyptProphet Muhammad’s Birthday*
El SalvadorIndependence Day
EthiopiaProphet Muhammad’s Birthday*
HondurasIndependence Day
IndonesiaMaulid Nabi Muhammad*
MalaysiaMaulidur Rasul (Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad)*
MoroccoAid al Mawlid Annabawi*
NicaraguaIndependence Day
PakistanEid Milad-un-Nabi*
SlovakiaDay of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows
TunisiaProphet Muhammad’s Birthday*
16, September, 2024 AngolaDia do Herói Nacional (Day off)
BruneiBirth of the Prophet*
Costa RicaIndependence Day
EthiopiaProphet Muhammad’s Birthday*
JapanRespect for the Aged Day
MalaysiaMalaysia Day
MexicoIndependence Day
MoroccoAid al Mawlid Annabawi*
South KoreaThe day preceding of Chuseok
17, September, 2024 AngolaDia do Herói Nacional
ChinaMid-Autumn Festival
MalaysiaMaulidur Rasul (Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad)* [In lieu]
South KoreaChuseok
TaiwanMid-Autumn Festival
18, September, 2024 ChileIndependence Day
HongkongThe day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
South KoreaThe second day of Chuseok
19, September, 2024 ChileArmy Day
20, September, 2024 ChileNational Holiday
21, September, 2024 ArmeniaIndependence Day
BelizeIndependence Day
MaltaJum l-Indipendenza
22, September, 2024 BulgariaIndependence Day
JapanAutumnal Equinox
23, September, 2024 JapanSubstitute Holiday
Saudi ArabiaNational Day Holiday
24, September, 2024 CambodiaConstitution Day
Dominican RepublicOur Lady of Mercedes Day
South AfricaHeritage Day
25, September, 2024 MozambiqueDia das Forças Armadas
27, September, 2024 AzerbaijanMemorial Day
EthiopiaFinding of True Cross
Marshall IslandsManit Day
28, September, 2024 CzechiaDen české státnosti
29, September, 2024 ParaguayBoqueron Battle Day
30, September, 2024 BotswanaBotswana Day
01, October, 2024 BotswanaBotswana Day Holiday
CambodiaPchum Ben Day
ChinaNational Day
CyprusCyprus Independence Day
HongkongNational Day
NigeriaIndependence Day
UzbekistanTeacher’s Day
02, October, 2024 CambodiaPchum Ben Day
ChinaNational Day
HondurasMorazan Weekend
IndiaGandhi Jayanti
IsraelRosh Hashanah - Eve
03, October, 2024 CambodiaPchum Ben Day
ChinaNational Day
GermanyGerman Unity Day
HondurasMorazan Weekend
IsraelRosh Hashanah
South KoreaNational Foundation Day
04, October, 2024 HondurasMorazan Weekend
IsraelRosh Hashanah
LesothoIndependence Day
MozambiqueDia da Paz e Reconciliação
05, October, 2024 PortugalRepublic Day
06, October, 2024 EgyptArmed Forces Day
08, October, 2024 PeruBattle of Angamos Day
09, October, 2024 EcuadorIndependence of Guayaquil
South KoreaHangeul Day
10, October, 2024 CubaIndependence Day
CuracaoCuraçao Day
KenyaUtamaduni Day
TaiwanNational Day
11, October, 2024 EcuadorIndependence of Guayaquil
HongkongChung Yeung Festival
IsraelYom Kippur - Eve
North MacedoniaDay of Macedonian Uprising in 1941
TaiwanNational Day
12, October, 2024 ArgentinaRespect for Cultural Diversity Day
BelizeIndigenous Peoples’ Resistance Day
BrazilNossa Senhora Aparecida
ChileMeeting of Two Worlds’ Day
IsraelYom Kippur
SpainDía de la Hispanidad
UruguayRespect for Cultural Diversity Day
VenezuelaDay of Indigenous Resistance
13, October, 2024 BurundiPrince Louis Rwagasore Day
ThailandHM King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great Memorial Day
14, October, 2024 American SamoaColumbus Day
BurundiPrince Louis Rwagasore Day
ColombiaColumbus Day
GeorgiaDay of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral
GuamColumbus Day
JapanSports Day
Northern Mariana IslandsColumbus Day; Commonwealth Cultural Day
Puerto RicoColumbus Day
ThailandHM King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great Memorial Day (in lieu)
United StatesColumbus Day
United States Minor Outlying IslandsColumbus Day
United States Virgin IslandsColumbus Day and Puerto Rico Friendship Day
15, October, 2024 CambodiaHM King Norodom Sihanouk Mourning Day
MalawiMother’s Day
TunisiaEvacuation Day
16, October, 2024 IsraelSukkot I - Eve
17, October, 2024 IsraelSukkot I
18, October, 2024 IsraelSukkot - Chol HaMoed
ZambiaNational Prayer Day
19, October, 2024 IsraelSukkot - Chol HaMoed
20, October, 2024 IsraelSukkot - Chol HaMoed
KenyaMashujaa Day
21, October, 2024 BurundiPresident Ndadaye’s Day
IsraelSukkot - Chol HaMoed
JamaicaNational Heroes Day
KenyaMashujaa Day
22, October, 2024 IsraelSukkot - Chol HaMoed
23, October, 2024 HungaryNational Day
IsraelSukkot VII - Eve
North MacedoniaDay of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle
ThailandHM King Chulalongkorn Memorial Day
24, October, 2024 IsraelSukkot VII
ZambiaIndependence Day
25, October, 2024 KazakhstanRepublic Day
26, October, 2024 AustriaNational Day
28, October, 2024 BrazilDia do Servidor Público
CyprusOchi Day
CzechiaDen vzniku samostatného československého státu
GreeceOchi Day
IrelandOctober Bank Holiday
New ZealandLabour Day
29, October, 2024 CambodiaHM King Norodom Sihamoni’s Coronation Day
TurkeyRepublic Day
30, October, 2024 MalaysiaDeepavali
31, October, 2024 Burkina FasoMartyrs’ Day
ChileReformation Day
Sloveniadan reformacije
01, November, 2024 AlgeriaRevolution Day
AndorraAll Saints’ Day
AustriaAll Saints’ Day
BulgariaThe Day of the People’s Awakeners
Burkina FasoAll Saints’ Day
BurundiAll Saints’ Day
ChadAll Saints’ Day
ChileAll Saints’ Day
CroatiaSvi sveti
EcuadorAll Souls’ Day
FranceAll Saints’ Day
GabonAll Saints’ Day
HungaryAll Saints’ Day
ItalyTutti i Santi
LiechtensteinAll Saints’ Day
LithuaniaAll Saints’ Day
MadagascarAll Saints’ Day
MonacoAll Saints’ Day
PeruAll Saints’ Day
PhilippinesAll Saints’ Day
PolandAll Saints’ Day
PortugalAll Saints Day
San MarinoAll Saints’ Day
SlovakiaAll Saints’ Day
Sloveniadan spomina na mrtve
SpainTodos los Santos
United States Virgin IslandsLiberty Day
Vatican CityAll Saints’ Day
02, November, 2024 AngolaDia dos Finados
BoliviaTodos Santos
EcuadorAll Souls’ Day
El SalvadorAll Souls’ Day
FinlandAll Saints’ Day
GuamAll Souls’ Day
LithuaniaAll Souls’ Day
San MarinoCommemoration of the Dead
SwedenAll Saints’ Day
UruguayAll Souls’ Day
03, November, 2024 EcuadorIndependence of Cuenca
JapanCulture Day
PanamaSeparation Day
04, November, 2024 ColombiaAll Saints’ Day
Dominican RepublicConstitution Day
EcuadorIndependence of Cuenca
JapanSubstitute Holiday
Northern Mariana IslandsCitizenship Day
PanamaNational Symbols Day
RussiaUnity Day
05, November, 2024 Northern Mariana IslandsElection Day
PanamaColon Day
06, November, 2024 MoroccoMarche verte
07, November, 2024 BelarusOctober Revolution Day
KyrgyzstanDays of History and Commemoration of Ancestors
08, November, 2024 AzerbaijanVictory Day
KyrgyzstanDays of History and Commemoration of Ancestors
09, November, 2024 AzerbaijanFlag Day
CambodiaNational Independence Day
PakistanIqbal Day
10, November, 2024 PanamaLos Santos Uprising Day
11, November, 2024 American SamoaVeterans Day
AngolaDia da Independência
AzerbaijanFlag Day
ColombiaIndependence of Cartagena
FranceArmistice Day
GuamVeterans Day
Northern Mariana IslandsVeterans Day
PolandNational Independence Day
Puerto RicoVeterans Day
SerbiaArmistice Day
United StatesVeterans Day
United States Minor Outlying IslandsVeterans Day
United States Virgin IslandsVeterans Day
14, November, 2024 CambodiaWater Festival
15, November, 2024 BrazilProclamação da República
CambodiaWater Festival
16, November, 2024 CambodiaWater Festival
17, November, 2024 CzechiaDen boje za svobodu a demokracii
Marshall IslandsPresident’s Day
SlovakiaStruggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
18, November, 2024 ArgentinaNational Sovereignty Day
CroatiaDan sjećanja
LatviaRepublic of Latvia Proclamation Day
Marshall IslandsPresident’s Day Holiday
MexicoRevolution Day
MoroccoFête de l’indépendance
19, November, 2024 BelizeGarifuna Settlement Day
MonacoPrince’s Day
Puerto RicoDiscovery Day
23, November, 2024 GeorgiaSaint George’s Day
JapanLabor Thanksgiving Day
28, November, 2024 AlbaniaIndependence Day
American SamoaThanksgiving
ChadRepublic Day
Northern Mariana IslandsThanksgiving
PanamaIndependence Day
Puerto RicoThanksgiving
United StatesThanksgiving
United States Minor Outlying IslandsThanksgiving
United States Virgin IslandsThanksgiving
29, November, 2024 AlbaniaLiberation Day
30, November, 2024 PhilippinesBonifacio Day
RomaniaSaint Andrew’s Day
01, December, 2024 ChadFreedom and Democracy Day
Costa RicaArmy Abolition Day
MexicoChange of Federal Government
PortugalRestoration of Independence Day
RomaniaNational Day
United Arab EmiratesCommemoration Day
02, December, 2024 ChadFreedom and Democracy Day
United Arab EmiratesNational Day
03, December, 2024 United Arab EmiratesNational Day Holiday
05, December, 2024 ThailandHM King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great’s Birthday; National Day; National Father’s Day
06, December, 2024 FinlandIndependence Day
Marshall IslandsGospel Day
SpainDía de la Constitución Española
08, December, 2024 AlbaniaNational Youth Day
AndorraImmaculate Conception Day
ArgentinaImmaculate Conception
AustriaImmaculate Conception
ChileImmaculate Conception
ColombiaImmaculate Conception
GuamLady of Camarin Day
ItalyImmacolata Concezione
LiechtensteinImmaculate Conception
MaltaIl-Festa tal-Immakulata Kunċizzjoni
NicaraguaVirgin’s Day
North MacedoniaSaint Clement of Ohrid Day
Northern Mariana IslandsConstitution Day
PanamaMother’s Day
ParaguayCaacupe Virgin Day
PeruImmaculate Conception Day
PhilippinesImmaculate Conception Day
PortugalImmaculate Conception
San MarinoImmaculate Conception Day
UzbekistanConstitution Day
Vatican CityImmaculate Conception Day
09, December, 2024 AlbaniaNational Youth Day
MonacoImmaculate Conception’s Day
Northern Mariana IslandsConstitution Day
PanamaMother’s Day
PeruBattle of Ayacucho Day
SpainLa Inmaculada Concepción (Trasladado)
10, December, 2024 ThailandConstitution Day
11, December, 2024 Burkina FasoProclamation of Independence Day
MadagascarRepublic Day
12, December, 2024 KenyaJamhuri Day
13, December, 2024 MaltaJum ir-Repubblika
16, December, 2024 BahrainNational Day
BangladeshVictory Day
KazakhstanKazakhstan Independence Day
South AfricaDay of Reconciliation
17, December, 2024 BahrainNational Day
20, December, 2024 PanamaNational Mourning Day
22, December, 2024 ZimbabweUnity Day
23, December, 2024 ZimbabweUnity Day
24, December, 2024 American SamoaChristmas Eve
BrazilVéspera de Natal
BulgariaChristmas Eve
CyprusChristmas Eve
CzechiaŠtědrý den
EstoniaChristmas Eve
FinlandChristmas Eve
IcelandChristmas Eve
LatviaChristmas Eve
LiechtensteinChristmas Eve
LithuaniaChristmas Eve
San MarinoChristmas Eve
SlovakiaChristmas Eve
SwedenChristmas Eve
VenezuelaChristmas Eve
25, December, 2024 AlbaniaChristmas Day
American SamoaChristmas Day
AndorraChristmas Day
AngolaDia de Natal e da Família
ArubaChristmas Day
AustraliaChristmas Day
AustriaChristmas Day
BelarusCatholic Christmas Day
BelizeChristmas Day
Bosnia And HerzegovinaCatholic Christmas
BotswanaChristmas Day
BruneiChristmas Day
BulgariaChristmas Day
Burkina FasoChristmas Day
BurundiChristmas Day
CameroonChristmas Day
CanadaChristmas Day
ChadChristmas Day
Costa RicaChristmas Day
CubaChristmas Day
CuracaoChristmas Day
CyprusChristmas Day
Czechia1. svátek vánoční
DenmarkChristmas Day
Dominican RepublicChristmas Day
EcuadorChristmas Day
El SalvadorChristmas Day
EstoniaChristmas Day
EswatiniChristmas Day
FinlandChristmas Day
FranceChristmas Day
GabonChristmas Day
GermanyChristmas Day
GreeceChristmas Day
GuamChristmas Day
HongkongChristmas Day
HungaryChristmas Day
IcelandChristmas Day
IndiaChristmas Day
IndonesiaHari Raya Natal
IrelandChristmas Day
Isle Of ManChristmas Day
JamaicaChristmas Day
KenyaChristmas Day
LatviaChristmas Day
LesothoChristmas Day
LiechtensteinChristmas Day
LithuaniaChristmas Day
MadagascarChristmas Day
MalawiChristmas Day
MalaysiaChristmas Day
Marshall IslandsChristmas Day
MexicoChristmas Day
MoldovaChristmas (by new style)
MonacoChristmas Day
MozambiqueDia de Natal e da Família
NamibiaChristmas Day
NetherlandsChristmas Day
New ZealandChristmas Day
NigeriaChristmas Day
Northern Mariana IslandsChristmas Day
NorwayChristmas Day
PakistanQuaid-e-Azam Day
PanamaChristmas Day
PeruChristmas Day
PhilippinesChristmas Day
PolandChristmas (Day 1)
Puerto RicoChristmas Day
RomaniaChristmas Day
San MarinoChristmas Day
SingaporeChristmas Day
SlovakiaChristmas Day
South AfricaChristmas Day
South KoreaChristmas Day
SwedenChristmas Day
SwitzerlandChristmas Day
United KingdomChristmas Day
United StatesChristmas Day
United States Minor Outlying IslandsChristmas Day
United States Virgin IslandsChristmas Day
UruguayDay of the Family
Vatican CityChristmas Day
VenezuelaChristmas Day
ZambiaChristmas Day
ZimbabweChristmas Day
26, December, 2024 AndorraSaint Stephen’s Day
ArubaSecond Day of Christmas
AustraliaBoxing Day
AustriaSt. Stephen’s Day
BelizeBoxing Day
BotswanaBoxing Day
BulgariaChristmas Day
CanadaBoxing Day
CroatiaSveti Stjepan
CuracaoSecond Day of Christmas
CyprusDay After Christmas
Czechia2. svátek vánoční
DenmarkSecond Day of Christmas
EstoniaSecond Day of Christmas
EswatiniBoxing Day
FinlandSecond Day of Christmas
GermanySecond Day of Christmas
GreeceDay After Christmas
HongkongThe first weekday after Christmas Day
HungarySecond Day of Christmas
IcelandSecond Day of Christmas
IrelandSt. Stephen’s Day
Isle Of ManBoxing Day
ItalySanto Stefano
JamaicaBoxing Day
KenyaBoxing Day
LatviaSecond Day of Christmas
LesothoBoxing Day
LiechtensteinSt. Stephen’s Day
LithuaniaSecond Day of Christmas
MalawiBoxing Day
NamibiaFamily Day
NetherlandsSecond Day of Christmas
New ZealandBoxing Day
NigeriaBoxing Day
NorwaySecond Day of Christmas
PolandChristmas (Day 2)
RomaniaChristmas Day
San MarinoSaint Stephen’s Day
SlovakiaSecond Day of Christmas
Sloveniadan samostojnosti in enotnosti
South AfricaDay of Goodwill
SwedenSecond Day of Christmas
United KingdomBoxing Day
United States Virgin IslandsChristmas Second Day
Vatican CitySaint Stephen’s Day
ZimbabweBoxing Day
27, December, 2024 HungaryDay off after Second Day of Christmas
28, December, 2024 IsraelHanukkah
29, December, 2024 IsraelHanukkah
30, December, 2024 IsraelHanukkah
PhilippinesRizal Day
31, December, 2024 ArmeniaNew Year’s Eve
AzerbaijanInternational Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis
BrazilVéspera de Ano-Novo
CubaNew Year’s Eve
IcelandNew Year’s Eve
KyrgyzstanNew Year’s Eve
LatviaNew Year’s Eve
LiechtensteinNew Year’s Eve
PhilippinesNew Year’s Eve
San MarinoNew Year’s Eve
SwedenNew Year’s Eve
ThailandNew Year’s Eve
VenezuelaNew Year’s Eve